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Speaking Engagements

Available Topics (Seminar & Webinar)

Practical Assessment of the Chiropractic Patient
Orthopedics and Neurology
This seminar shows the doctor how to examine any area of the neuro-musculoskeletal system efficiently, affectively and accurately in daily practice. Doctors learn well-documented methods of examination that will allow more diagnostic information to be obtained in a shorter period of time. Proper documentation and coding of the examinations are also discussed.

Risk Management
Between 15,000 and 19,000 malpractice lawsuits are filed each year in the United States and even the best doctors can be accused of malpractice. Dr. Miller's expertise in risk management helps him guide doctors through avoidance and defense of malpractice situations.

101 Things You Should Know about Chiropractic

Designed for the chiropractic assistant or lay person this seminar takes the participant through vital parts of chiropractic history and the whys and hows of the procedures used in day to day chiropractic practice.  Every aspect of a chiropractic assistant’s job is discussed.


The program length for each seminar or webinar is determined by the host, as continuing education requirements vary greatly from state to state. Dr. Miller can provide programs that range from one hour to sixteen hours depending on the host’s needs.  Some organizations choose to mix and match the topics listed above to create a custom seminar for their conference.

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